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We take the hassle out of selling your toys.

Consignment at Next Step Pro Sales

List With Us! When it comes time to sell your RV, Boat-Yacht, Classic Car or even an Airplane, a lot of questions immediately come to mind. How, Where, What, When and Why are a good place to start but it will eventually all come down to time. How much time and effort are you willing to commit to getting this done right? First, we don’t charge you anything to help you get your item out into the market. There’s no up-front or hidden costs. We only collect a commission if we sell your item. We charge a percentage of 4% to 7% depending on the item you want help selling. The next step is saving our customer’s time! We do a one-time interview with you and get all the information any potential buyer needs to know. It’s much like working with a home realtor. If fact, we like to refer to our service as helping people sell their mobile real-estate! We qualify, preview, list and help with each step of the sales process assisting both buyer and seller in taking the next step. Screening out potential buyers is very time consuming for any seller and finding the right buyer is never easy. It can be extremely frustrating if you’re not prepared and knowledgeable in asking the right questions. Our approach is to make the final sale a win, win situation. The goal is to make the transaction between the buyer and seller as simple, secure and stress free as possible. Our consultation is free! To find out if our services will make your life easier, take your Next Step and give us a call.

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